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Karaca Sögüt | Sailing in Turkey
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Karaca Sögüt Yacht Charter

Karaca Sögüt yacht charter in Turkey. Karacasöğüt village is one of the first places you should think of when it is about blue water sailing. No matter you love the sea or not, it is almost impossible to not be impressed with the view of village. Even though its official name is Karaca, locals call it Karacasöğüt.

The village is surrounded by pines; and since it is in Gökova Specially Protected Enviroment Area, housing is at minimum level. Besides, the historical ruins around makes Karaca a grade 1 archaeological site. Most ruins belong to Hellenistic era.

In Karacasögüt you can admire waterfalls, caves and ancient settlements. Indispensable Karacasogut harbor is one of the popular destinations for cruise vessels. When you go to Karaca Cave, You can see Sogut Waterfall on the way which water drops from 25mt. It has a natural pool under it. Do not be surprised when you see the waterfall with the water withdrawn during the summer months.