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Izmir Teos Yacht Charter

Izmir / Teos yacht charter. The city of Izmir is the third largest in Turkey and has a busy port on the Aegean Sea. It’s a classic beach holiday destination, loved for its incredibly friendly local people, stunning coastline, amazing weather, fantastic food, excellent watersports and a remarkable number of world-class historic and archaeological sites.

A traditional port city, the jewel in Izmir’s crown is its striking harbour, complete with fashionable waterfront bars and restaurants that line the main promenade, and the famous pier built by Gustave Eiffel, the same man who put his name to the landmark of Paris. Izmir is the perfect base from which to explore the famous ruins of Ephesus, Pergamum, Sardis and more.


Between June and August the Izmir region delivers scorching hot daytime temperatures as high as 33C, dropping to 18C minimum after dark. Expect 13-14 hours of sunshine per day during the peak season, with high humidity common in July and August. There’s occasional rain in summer too, but it’s warm rain and tends to be stormy, never lasting for long. In May it hits 26C daytimes, 14C at night and September is also completely glorious, hitting 29C during daytime and 17C after dark.