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Turkey | 8300 kilometers coastline
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Fethiye Yacht Charter

The Jewel of Turkey

Fethiye yacht charter. Fethiye is without a doubt one of the most beautiful regions in Turkey. Yacht charter here means sailing amid spectacular scenery in an area steeped in history. Modern Fethiye lies atop the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Telmessos. Among its many historical treasures are the 2,300-year-old tombs that were carved into the sheer cliff face. The location with its spectacular ocean view was deemed fit for a king and includes the final resting place of Amyntas III: the ancient ruler of Macedon and paternal grandfather of Alexander the Great. Sail the magnificent turquoise waters to do some exploring of the ruins of the sunken city near Kokova, or visit the Byzantine settlement on the island of Gemile.

An Unspoilt Paradise

Sailing along the glorious waters of the bay brings an understanding of why Fethiye has for so long held a magnetic allure for tourists. Beautiful pine forests and endless stretches of spectacular beaches surrounding an even more breath-taking lagoon make this a true paradise.

An extended sailing season

The enviable climate in Turkey means that its sailing season extends from early spring to late autumn. This provides marvellous opportunities to take advantage of off-peak yacht rental rates to enjoy sailing, swimming, snorkelling and a host of exciting beach activities in magnificent surroundings. It is well worth checking yacht charter rates and yacht availability during the entire season in order to plan and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime at real value for money.