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Bodrum yacht charter. Situated on a beautiful peninsula, Bodrum, home of the famous Greek historian Herodotus, is these days better known as an popular holiday resort. Bodrum is a port town and as told it is famous for it’s historical value such as the Museum of Underwater Archeology and cultural festivals throughout the year.Two meters under the narrow streets of Bodrum lies 5000 years of history. A few monuments attest to this history: the castle, the Myndus Gate, the Roman theatre and the Mausoleum. Bodrum: an ancient city with a lot of historical value.

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Bodrum Turkey

The city is famous or one of the seven wonders of the ancient word, the Mausoleum of Halycarnassus.  But today Bodrum is more than only an ancient city. It is also an tourist region with great weather and also a lot of good sailing destinations. While the nights in Bodrum town itself are noisy, crowded and vital, the smaller villages offer cozy taverns and restaurants overlooking quiet bays and can all be reached easily by Dolmus, car or even by boat. . Bodrum also is South Aegean’s prettiest resort for scuba diving, with a yacht harbour and a port for ferries. Bodrum has several dive centers that rent out equipment, arrange excursions and even provide diving lessons for the inexperienced individual, eager to try out this underwater sport

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The boatyards of Bodrum have been famous since ancient times and today the craftsmen still make the traditional types of yacht: the pointed bow and stern (tirhandil) and the broad beamed and rounded stern (gulette). The latter, especially, is used for excursions and pleasure trips. The gullet is also used in the Bodrum Cup Race held every October. If you would like to rent a high quality sailing yacht, motor yacht or catamaran for your next boating holiday in Bodrum, than Euroboatcharter has the perfect boat for you!. With our real-time database and wide range of yachts we always have the perfect yacht for your ideal sailing holiday.