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Antalya yacht charter

Antalya yacht charter.Antalya, located in the mediterranean, is one of the premier holiday destinations in Turkey. The city will also receive the appropriate name ‘ Turkish Riviera ‘ . The city is  so named beacause of the archaeological and historical sites and beautiful scenery around the city . Antalya has the most beautiful beaches and offers dazzling clear water . It is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience Turkey by a sailing holiday .


The province of Antalya has a coastline of over 657 km . Here you’ll find beautiful old cities ports and gorgeous beaches. Besides that, there are numerous bars, restaurants , nightclubs and shops . A sailing holiday in Antalya is suitable for a holiday with your family , but is also perfect to go sailing with a group of friends . Antalya is in fact something for everyone . The climate is typically Mediterranean in Turkey . It is almost always warm and dry in the summer , And in the winter the temperature is soft .

Antalya is in short, one of the most beautiful places in Turkey to go sailing . Your can book your favorite yacht at . This can be done by  the search engine at the top of the page , but you can also always contact a member of our service team .