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Yacht Charter Sweden | Stockholm

Yacht charter Sweden. A Yacht Charter to sweden will sail a tourist to the city of Stockholm.

Since the thirteenth century, Stockholm monitors access to Lake Mälaren. According to tradition, the city was founded to protect against hostile invasions by sea. The city is therefore a very special place for Sweden. It spans fourteen islands that are connected by many bridges. To this owes the city’s secondary name the ” Venice of the North”. Moreover, the old town looks almost southern European, with narrow streets and red and ochre houses. In the centre are also the royal palace and the Reichstag.

 A centre of art and culture

As befits a capital city, many sights are concentrated in the city. Therefore, you will find here many wonderful museums. For example, there is the beautiful National Museum. The great masters of art history decorate the walls of this huge building. Such art include Rembrandt, Goya, Rubens, Gauguin and Degas. In addition, an outright winner is the famous Vasa Museum. Here you can admire the oldest restored warship in the world. The ship capsized in 1628 and was 333 years later salvaged and restored. Perhaps you have seen a replica of a seventeenth-century warship, but this is really something of a different order. This is an absolute must-see for the sailing enthusiast!

 The Archipelago

Obviously, you are not going to cruise to stay in the marina of this city. Docked Just outside the city begins a fantastic sailing area: the archipelago. The archipelago, as the name suggests, is a coastal area. The Yacht Charter can sail the tourist to this region. The area has numerous rocky islands and islets. Majority of the residents of Stockholm own a boat. As a travel destination, this is an ideal area so for a relaxing sailing holiday.