Gotenborg yacht charter

… is the only Swedish port that remains ice-free all year round. It is the largest harbour in Scandinavia and Sweden’s main port and economic centre. The city was founded in the seventeenth century, on desolate marshland at the mouth of Sweden’s Göta river. Gothenburg’s construction by the Dutch was an ambitious project and a masterpiece of technical ingenuity. Dutch planners and engineers, employed for their expertise, used their skills to drain and build in the marsh areas chosen for the city. Because of its Dutch origins, … resembles Amsterdam but with a decidedly Swedish accent.

Yacht Charter | A small metropolis

… is a small city of half a million people with lots to see and do. One of the most famous attractions to visit is the Liseberg amusement park. Considered one of Europe’s finest theme parks, Liseberg is in the heart of the city. Here you can ride Balder, the world-famous wooden roller coaster with its red train. Of course there is much else to do in the cheerful relaxed atmosphere. Water sports enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the islands off the coast of Gothenburg. These picturesque islands are a popular natural tourist attraction and a great destination for a sailing trip. Be sure to allow time for a visit to the mighty island fortress of Älvsborg.

Below is a list of all available charter boats. If there is nothing suitable here you could look at the other … marinas: Lindholmen and Tjörn.