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Yacht Charter | Porto Colom
Beautiful sailing destination
Biggest natural harbors
The perfect jump-off point

Porto Colom yacht charter

Porto Colom is a city situated in Mallorca. Although it isn’t as popular as C’An Pastilla or Palma de Mallorca, it is still a beautiful sailing destination. The main harbout of Porto Colom is El Arenal. The city is situated in the south-east of the island in the district of Felantix.

Poro Colom is full of mountainous relief which leads to various beautiful bays. Porto Colom has one of the biggest natural harbors of Mallorca. The harbor is mainly used for fishing boats or private yachts. This means that the atmosphere is very relax.

This historical holiday destination serves as an ideal home base for sailors and luxury yacht charter boats enjoying this beautiful region of Spain. If you are planning to stay for just a few days to explore and discover several popular attractions in the region, then Portocolom is the perfect jump-off point. This idyllic port town serves as the perfect entry point to Mallorca and other important vacation hot-spots in the Balearic Islands region. As such, Portocolom is known in yacht charter circuits as the main port of entry of sailors and other yachting enthusiast who are visiting the Island.