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Yachtcharter | Palma de Mallorca
Nightlife and culture
Beautiful cathedrals and castles

Palma de Mallorca yacht charter

Palma de Mallorca yacht charter. Palma de Mallorca comes as a surprise to many people – it is stylish, sophisticated, intimate, yet bursting with life. Located on the southern shores of Mallorca. Palma is the capital of the famous archipelago of the Balearic Islands. In addition, it is the capital of the island of Majorca . Palma de Mallorca is known for its large marina . Besides the marina the city has beautiful cathedrals and castles .The island has an area of ​​approximately 7,000 square kilometers , and this area is dotted with beautiful villages , towns and countryside. The city and harbor are bustling with life and the many restaurants and bars stay open late into the night.

In addition to the vibrant nightlife, Palma also has many historical sites . Of all the cities in the Balearic Islands Palma is actually the most beautiful city . The city has many influences from Christians , Arab rulers and Jews . As a result , the city has many styles.

But Palma is also a town with elegant shops and boutiques , as well as wonderful restaurants and bars selected .

Climate and booking

the climate in Palma de Mallorca is very pleasant . Usually ther is a normal temperate climate, but in July and August the weather is lovely! . Temperatures then hover around 30 degrees .Although being at the centre of the huge Bay of Palma, the city does not have its own beach. Although, for most visitors this isn’t really a problem as a day on the beach wouldn’t really hold much appeal. However, for those who do wish to escape for the day, the more traditional beach resorts of C’an Pastilla and Cala Mayor lie approximately 4 miles away to the east and west of the city centre respectively.At Euro Boat Charter you can rent various boats in Palma de Mallorca . Request an offer or call one of our staff members for more information