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Yacht Charter Spain

Yacht Charter Spain

Yacht Charter Spain

Enjoy Sailing the Mediterranean in Spain

Although Spain is located in Western Europe, it is still considered a part of the Mediterranean, with its massive coastline of 4,000 kilometres. This huge coastline is divided into two very different regions. The eastern side of Spain is along the Mediterranean and offers unique destinations, such as Valencia, Barcelona and the mesmerising island of Ibiza. Using a yacht charter to traverse this area allows you to enjoy urban, rural and natural beauty. The coastline here is dotted with cosmopolitan cities interspersed with rustic coastal villages and spellbinding beaches. Many of the villages have the UNESCO World Heritage Site tag.

The western side of the Strait of Gibraltar is the Atlantic, where the sailing experience is completely different. Here you can sail to the Canary Islands, which is an archipelago.

Sail along the Island of Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most popular islands, renowned for its vibrant nightlife and parties. While you can sail along the island, the treacherous rocks can pose a danger. Care should, therefore, be taken while sailing along the coastline of Ibiza. This beautiful island’s parties are confined to a small area and this means that large part of the island is tranquil with unspoilt natural beauty. Yacht charter is the perfect way to explore the hidden treasures that Ibiza has to offer.

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