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Yacht Charter | Triëst
Sun, sea and wind
Sailing in wonderful Italy
Charter your dream yacht in Triëst

Triëst yacht charter

Triëst yacht charter

Triëst yacht charter

Yacht charter Triëst. Triëst is located in the east part of Italy, very close to the Croatian border. The Adriatic sea is bordered between Italy and Croatia, more to the south also next to Montenegro. Triëst is a very good harbor to set sail to Croatia.

Discover Italy

A sailing holiday from Triëst is a pleasant way to discover the country. Sailing along beautiful coastlines in Italy is a fantastic experience. Put in a local port and enjoy delicious pasta dishes or traditional pizzas in cozy restaurants. Sailing is an ideal way to explore the authentic Italy, several of the smaller islands along the east coast of Italy or other parts of the Adriatic Sea.

Extensive opportunities for experienced and novice sailors

Italy has more than fivethousand miles of coastline with extensive opportunities for experienced and novice sailors. Near numerous tourist, historical and cultural sights are ports or marinas present. Many Italian marinas have a high standard and many facilities. The marinas are the prices of the moorings during the sailing season on the high side, but of course it is also possible to anchor.


The climate varies from north to south and between the Italian islands. The north of Italy is further away from the equator and therefore has cold winters. In the south, it can be very hot in the summer . The coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate. The hottest period of the year is from July to September, the boating season typically runs one month longer and thus to late October.