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Sicily yacht charter. Thanks to its location in the northeast of Sicily, Portorosa is a popular area for yacht charter. The Aeolian Islands of Italy are just half a day away from Sicily by sailing boat. These fascinating Mediterranean islands were formed by a series of volcanic eruptions between 150,000 and 80,000 years ago. The Aeolian volcanoes have remained active since then. The last eruption was very recent, when the volcano on the island of Stromboli erupted in 1980. Every day the volcano on Stromboli spits out hot lava and large plumes of smoke! This is, of course, a magnificent spectacle for yacht charter visitors.

Black Beaches and a Sea of Green

Apart from this spectacle, the volcanic origin of the gives them a unique character. The landscape is very rugged, with caves and steep cliffs, but also has delightful hot springs. Another special treat is the Spiaggia di Sabbia Nera, a beach of deep black, volcanic sand. Of course, there are also the white, sandy, Mediterranean beaches so very popular with swimmers on sailing boat holidays in Italy. The islands’ interiors show the same contrasting character, with bare, black rocks alongside beautiful, green oases. As well as for its desolate mountain slopes, smoking craters and lush forests, this area is also known for its very vivid underwater world, ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving as part of your holiday by sailing boat.