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Portorosa | Sailing in Italy
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Yacht Charter Portorosa

Yacht Charter Portorosa. Italy has long provided those who sail its waters with the ultimate yachting experience. With its situation in the northeast of Sicily, Portorosa adds a unique aspect to the great allure Italy holds for the committed or aspiring yachtsman. A yacht charter here puts one within a half-day’s sail of the fascinating Aeolian Islands that were formed by the continuous, violent volcanic eruptions that occurred between 80,000 and 150,000 years ago. The volcanoes remain ominously active and in 1980 Stromboli Island provided the latest spectacle of nature’s awesome volatility. These volcanoes continue to alter the landscape with red-hot molten rock that spews dense smoke and provides a thrilling experience for onlookers. They have also been responsible for other natural wonders.

Black beaches among green oasis

A yacht charter in this part of Sicily allows sailors a unique angle from which to view the steep and roughly hewn, black cliffs that hide a maze of cavernous recesses amid wonderful, natural, hot water springs. Portorosa’s enviable display of nature produces a delightful contradiction of colour. The most dramatic is the Spiaggia di Sabbia Nera, which is a beach of glaringly black volcanic sand that forms a startling, but spectacular contrast to the lush, green forests that populate the region. If this beach offers something unique to bathers, then the snowy white sands found elsewhere on these islands will surprise with the warmth and beauty with which they persuade sailors to leave their yacht for an underwater explosion of colour. It is a snorkelling experience that etches lifelong impressions on the mind.

Investigating all aspects of yacht charter, including availability, can inspire a deeper appreciation of humanity’s historical association with water and a discovery of untested but eager sea legs. Northeastern Sicily can be a powerful persuader. Book now at!