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Italy | Portoferraio
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Yacht charter Portoferraio

Yacht charter Portoferraio . Portoferraio is the main port on the island of Elba , and one of the most active marinas in Italy . It has a rich history , though you can see the imposing Medici fortresses located in the bay on arrival by boat : Forte Falcone , Forte Stella (recognizable by the lighthouse ) and Tower Linguella ( at the harbor ) , all built in 15th century . These forts served as defense against piracy . Stunning is the walk leading from the port to the inside walls of the center. Portoferraio has about 13,000 inhabitants and is interesting in terms of hospitality and culture . On the west side are beautiful white gravel beaches which water seems bluer than usual. For a sailor a beautiful area , which is why we have a large fleet of charter yachts rent here . You can opt for bare boat yacht charter or a private skipper a yacht chartering .

Portoferraio harbor

At the beginning of the new millennium the Medici Port was equipped with all facilities needed for a modern port : the staff , water, electricity , you are even assisted with mooring . So it is an luxury port in Italy . Portoferraio and its historic city center offers a lively atmosphere : typical cafés and restaurants , specialty shops and boutiques and traditional covered market which is still negotiating the price of a kilo of apples.