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Ostia yacht charter

Ostia yacht charter. Ancient Rome had a population of close to one million people, a real metropolis. Overall, it was mega city for the Romans. Therefore, it was an immense task to supply the city with its daily needs. For fresh water, the Romans relied on their ingenious system of aqueducts. Food and other goods were brought in through the port Ostia. There were imposing warehouses where the best goods from all over the Mediterranean were stored. Obviously, this lifeline of Rome was defended by imposing walls. Within the city’s docks lived a large numbers of dockworkers. Ostia was also a very impressive city.

Historical city

Ostria was the Rotterdam of antiquity. Much of this has been preserved to this day. The city is dotted with magnificent ruins of warehouses, apartment buildings, theaters and temples. Ostria is one of the best preserved cities from Roman times. Ostria is located a short distance from one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and in the world: Rome itself! Please take the time to stop for a visit to this phenomenal city. A cruise to the roman city offers attractions, art, culture, lovely terraces, long boulevards with shops, numerous restaurants and much more!

A yacht charter is the best holiday option for both individuals and families. Italy is full of scenic views that are both historical and attractive. The yacht charter ensures that those included in the trip enjoy it to the fullest. Italy as a country offers several intrinsic travel options for a discerning tourist like you. Therefore, do not miss out in this opportunity to enjoy a fabulous yacht charter.