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Cagliari Yacht Charter

Cagliari yacht charter.Situated off the coast of Italy, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. A world away from the stresses and stains of everyday life, this is a truly unique location. With it’s glorious sandy beaches and blue seas, Sardinia is a magical mixture of stunning scenery, culture and rich heritage. There is much for visitors to enjoy, including a large number of local festivals. The islanders retain their sense of tradition through these festivals which are usually linked to Saints days and farming, there truly is rarely a day goes by where there is not something to celebrate. Yacht charter in this area is the perfect way to create memorable moments.

Yacht charter Cagliari

Yacht charter is a wonderful way to view the island from a unique perspective. With it’s varied landscape; from dramatic cliff tops to luscious marshes and golden sand dunes, Sardinia attracts people from all across the world. The waters around the island are a paradise for sailors, with sheltered coves, clear waters and beautiful bays to enjoy. Cagliari has a stunning array of architecture which contrasts against the unspoilt scenic beauty of the coastline. A recommendation for those without a destination in mind is the Catalan town of Alghero.

Cagliari, the island’s capital, is on the Southern coast. It’s airport is served by many well known airlines including Transavia and Ryanair with regular flights from Italy and across Europe. The island is also accessible by car and ferry services.