Yacht charter Oostmahorn

Sailing in the Eastern Wadden Sea, North Sea and Lauwerszee

Yacht charter Oostmahoorn

Yacht charter Oostmahoorn

The Schans, so call the Frisians Oostmahorn the village on the outskirts of the northern. More than it was a few decades ago, not just a boat dock in the then still controlled by the tide Lauwerszee. Here the ferry to Schiermonnikoog left to arrive in what is now the marina Schier is. The ferry itself nowadays sail a few miles further to a port which is also run by frequent dredging at low tide is on. Thus the modern tourist can enjoy regardless of the natural tidal cycle, on call of nature on Schiermonnikoog. Yachts moor in the marina, then a dam only at high tide to reach the ferry was and where women waded through the water to the shore with high suspended skirts. Yellowed photos in local pubs, you can see how old causeway Schiermonnikoog that time went to far. The old causeway, as the islanders call the marina, with the ships that you can rent fine to walk. In Oostmahorn There is even a modern toilet block and restaurant added. That there are limits to the extent to which nature is allowed limit demonstrates the sea twice a day, if it withdraws to the horizon. Yachts float around in the last water in the basin, enclosed by a sandy Borkum to Ameland. Skippers staring longingly at the horizon in the knowledge that their ship is fixed until the next high tide and children have the time of their lives when they scratch the spooking the body with brightly colored buckets in the final water streams.

Lauwersmeer and Waddensea routes



The dammed Lauwerssee leaves much more than the IJsselmeer see that she was once an estuary. Here flowed the river Lauwers to the sea and the flow of it can still be well read on the sandbanks and gullies. The fairway also falls under the supervision of Coast Guard Schiermonnikoog. Wad and the area Many sailors choose the route inside to the IJsselmeer on their return from the Baltic Sea. It sails through Dokkum, Friesland Leeuwarden and other towns and reached in 1 or 2 days Lemmer. The northern part itself covers an area that is significantly larger than other Frisian lakes such as Snekermeer. With only a fraction of the number of vessels in that area has a pristine area with ospreys, spoonbills and bitterns.

On the other side of the lock Schiermonnikoog, is only running at high tide, and then only with a depth of no more than 130 cm. The leased ships here all have variable depth so they have no problems.

Lauwersoog – Borkum

Two wantijen (some consider the first two even if) you cross the road to Borkum. And that does not always go well evidenced by the many photos we receive from reclaimed ships in the large expanse of sand that Wad Schiermonnikoog is at low tide. In retrospect, most tenants say that the best part of the trip was: the water is gone, the birds foraging around the boat and there is time! Until the water comes back, hazards must be again. For good sailors, there is also the route along the top, ie north of Schiermonnikoog by Huibertsgat. The landlord like to consult with you, this is serious fairway ! The landlord also asks for your license 2.

Lauwersoog – Ameland

A relaxing day trip, underneath to Ameland. Optionally, you can dry up the road but this is not necessary. With easterly winds occurs a considerable lowering of the water on, keep in mind so if your vacation is almost over! In that case, the route across the North Sea is a good alternative.