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Skiathos | Sailing in the Aegean sea

Yacht charter Skiathos

Yacht charter Skiathos. Skiathos is one of the smallest islands of the Aegean Sea, yet the island is also one of the most popular in Greece. Why? Because the island is a Sailing Holiday Destination. The island itself is a typical example of a Mediterranean island, with bizarre rock formations and golden beaches forming a picturesque landscape. The island is also covered with a dense pine forest which, together with parts of the coast is a protected area.

Yacht charter | Sun, sea and cocktail bars

Skiathos isn’t just about nature; on the contrary. The island is alive and clearly tailored for tourism. If you’re looking for tranquility and unspoilt beauty, there are many other destinations in Greece which would be more suitable, yet tourism on the island has other benefits. Some of the great features of the island include streets full of shops, bars and mouth-watering restaurants. But when the island really comes to life is at night, when some of its best experiences can be found. And during the day you’re free to enjoy the beautiful beaches and rest from the night before.