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Yacht Charter Samos

Yacht charter Samos. Sailing around the Aegean Island in Greece with a sailing yacht or catamarans. You can rent these at Samos lies near the Turkish coast, and is near the coast of Greece. Sailing with a yacht is the ideal way to travels in these waters. Wind blowing trough your hair and crystal clear water. In Samos you have to do the Mediterranean way of mooring: with the bow of the shore and the back of the boat to the dock. Note that spade rudders of modern sailing yachts can touch the ground here. In short trips you sail from one island to another . There is always something to find , which makes it easier to sail in these waters . Offcourse you can rent a yacht from Samos , but also on the other islands along the coast. We offer excellent sailing yachts . Based on our own sailing trips in the region , we can tell you exactly which routes are suitable for the sailing vacation you have in mind. Please contact us for more information .