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Lefkas | Sailing in the Ionian sea
Sun, sea and wind

Yacht Charter Lefkas Greece

Yacht Charter Lefkas. Lefkas, which means white rocks, is the fifth largest island in the Ionian Sea. It is also the Ionian’s most mountainous island. Only a quarter of the Greek island consists of flat land, the rest of which features stunning hills and mountains with steep cliffs along the coast.

Sailing from Lefkas| Ideal Sailing Conditions

Around the island there are nine smaller islands with many wonderful places to moor and explore. The dramatic changes in landscape between the various islands and mainland Greece, short sailing distances and the mild weather makes this beautiful island an ideal destination for a novice sailor.

Yacht Charter | By Air or By Land

Lefkas is easily accessible by plane. Alternatively, a bridge connects the island with the Greek mainland, allowing visitors to travel by car. The island is situated just off the coast of Northeast Greece with most Greek destinations within easy reach. There is also a ferry that connects the island with the mainland.