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Kos | Sailing in the Aegean sea
Lots to see, lots to do

Yacht Charter Kos

Yacht Charter Kos A wonderful destination for sailing the Turkish coast. Greece has many islands, fanned out across the Aegean Sea, close to the coast of neighboring Turkey. Kos is one of the furthest east of all the islands in Greece. The island is 40 kilometers long and has a varied geography between its long beaches, fertile lowlands and the dry mountain landscape. The fauna on the island is very interesting; its beaches are an important nesting site for turtles, including the rare Caretta caretta.

Kos Town| Lots to see, lots to do

The town of Kos is a charming city that’s almost 2400 years old. Due to its age, the city boasts many interesting archaeological sites. As an example, the city is attributed as once being the home of Hippocrates, the founder of medical science. The tree under which he gave his lessons still stands, and is now thought to be one of the oldest trees in the world. But the city isn’t the only interesting location; there are many other sights across the rest of the island. At the famous fortress of Antimacheia, the islanders sought protection from the pirates that have long plagued the Mediterranean.

¬†Yacht charter | A stone’s throw away

Don’t worry about getting to the island; because it has its own airport, it’s easy to reach by departing from Schipol, London airport or some Ryanair airports, landing less than four hours later in sailing paradise.