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Chalkidiki yacht charter

Chalkidiki yacht charter. Chalkidiki lays in the north east of Greece. Chalkidiki is consisted in three peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. The city attracts every year a great number of tourist and offers a lot. Chalkidiki has unique nature, remote bays and crystal clear water. Besides this, the place has small beautiful island ideal for sailing.

Great combination of ancient and modern culture

Just like most of the Greece places, Chalkidiki offers a stunning combination of ancient and modern culture, peace and nightlife and sea and mountains. In Chalkidiki are more than enough things to do.There are great numbers of restaurants, bars and clubs. But besides the nightlife there are also a lot of beautiful beaches, beachclubs and stunning nature.

Besides the beautiful beaches, where all sports become a pleasure, there are a lot of archeological treasures and historical monuments too. Every village has its own history, from the primeval, ancient, Byzantine to the modern ages.

Yacht Charter Greece

Yacht Charter Greece

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