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Sukosan | Sailing in Croatia
Sun, sea and wind

Yacht charter Sukosan | one of the largest and most beautiful

Yacht charter Sukosan

Yacht charter Sukosan

Yacht charter Sukosan. Sukosan is a small place with an exceptionally large marina. The town’s marina is one of the largest and most beautiful in the Adriatic sea, with a perfect location. The town is surrounded by a vast world of islands, where you can enjoy sailing and snorkeling or anchor in one of the bays. The town itself is very pleasant and can make a festive break from your cruise. The town is small, but is connected to the extensive marina which contains many lively bars and restaurants. This is an excellent location to enjoy some exciting nightlife. Perfect place to start your bare boat or flotilla sailing holidays.

Sukosan is a Dalmatian village with around 4000 inhabitants. The only route into town is the road that leads from Zadar to Biograd. There couldn’t be a better or more beautiful location for sailors to charter a yacht here in all of the Croatian coast: the water is clear, the beaches are dotted with round pebbles, the people are friendly and there’s good fishing for sailors who want to spend an evening cooking fish on a campfire.

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There’s nothing unique about Sukosan; at least nothing unique to the coast of Croatia. It’s just wonderful! One of the many paradises in Croatia and well worth a visit. There is a church in the town and many squares where you can buy a simple but nutritious meal under the influence of relaxing music, mostly performed open air.

The museum demonstrates that the history of the town is full of long fights between different peoples; it was even under Venetian rule for a short time. In short, this town has it all. But actually the villages along this part of the Adriatic sea all have ‘it all’. Fine restaurants are available which charge reasonable prices.