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Yacht Charter Punat

Yacht Charter Punat.Punat is a picturesque harbour and town on Krk, an island a short distance from the Croatian mainland. The sheltered harbour sits in a beautiful half kilometre wide bay which is only accessible via a narrow strait. The island of Krk is the second largest island in the Adriatic Sea. The island owes its name, which means ‘golden’, to the light brown rock landscape along the east coast. Yet the stunning island is predominantly green, with lush Mediterranean vegetation and fertile vineyards.

The town is a small community but features one of the largest and most beautiful marinas in Croatia. While on the island, visitors to the island can enjoy a rich array of watersports or relax in the town’s various bars and restaurants. Interesting are also the many small coves that are only accessible with your own yacht.

Yacht Charter | Accessibility

Punat is easily reached by car. Since 1980, the island has been connected to the mainland of Croatia by an impressive bridge. The motorway network in Croatia is extensive, safe and reliable, meaning most travelers choosing to travel to Krk by car. While the drive to the town once on the island may be rugged and challenging, the worthwhile trip and unforgettable experience offers fantastic views.