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Kastela | Sailing in Croatia
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Yacht Charter Kastela | A Glorious Marina and a Memorable Destination

Yacht Charter Kastela. Kastela in Southern Dalmatia is renowned for its large and luxurious marina, an ideal starting point for a sailing holiday in South Croatia. The city’s marina offers excellent amenities for boats of all sizes. The charming and diverse region is a perfect destination to explore with a chartered yacht, catamaran or yacht. With our convenient on line reservations, pick from boats made by leading brands in the industry, including high quality yachts such as the Hanse Yachts. An innovative and advanced vessel, the sleek yacht features a spacious cockpit and a stylish interior for a comfortable excursion at sea.

 Yacht Charter | Seven Castles Along the Adriatic Coast

Situated between the port cities of Split and Trogir, Kastela is an idyllic location for a sailing holiday off the coast of Southern Dalmatia. Originally the site for 20 castles built to offer a defence against the Turks, the city is now actually made up of seven towns and castles. Roman floating docks once lined the coast, which at one time was the site of an ancient Greek port and a retreat for Croatian kings. From the city, visitors can sail to some of the most beautiful islands in southern Croatia. Highlights include spectacular Hvar, only half a day sail away. Here you can fully enjoy beautiful beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

Yacht Charter | Getting Here with Ease

Due to its central location and an easily accessible marina, the city is an ideal spot for starting your cruise in the Adriatic Sea. Kastela is just a 10-minute drive from Split Airport. From the Netherlands, several airlines offer flights to Split including Transavia and EasyJet. Once at the marina, you have endless possibilities. With countless coves, caves and beaches, you can be sure that whatever direction or route you take you will have an unforgettable journey.

Yacht Charter Marina Kastela
Seven Castles Along the Adriatic Coast