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Yacht Charter Dubrovnik– The Pearl of the Adriatic

Yacht Charter Dubrovnik. In the heart of south Croatia on the Adriatic Sea lies the world famous fortress town of Dubrovnik. Known as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic,’ it is without doubt one of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatia. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to marvel at its impressive medieval architecture and beautiful surroundings.

Yacht Charter – World Heritage

Thanks to its many narrow alleyways and thick city walls, this historic city is like a little world in itself. The old center is completely untouched by modern life – a perfectly preserved, authentic medieval town, just waiting to be discovered. In fact, the whole of the old town is a monument to medieval architecture, which is why it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yet at the same time, this city is much more than just a living museum. Outside the center you will find the modern districts, where you can enjoy the local shopping and nightlife. As well as many restaurants, bars and shops, this part of the city also boasts some beautiful sandy beaches. Sailing enthusiasts will love the marina, which is perfectly situated in the old harbor and has magnificent views of both the city and the Adriatic Sea.

 Yacht Charter – Accessibility

Due to the excellent road network in Croatia, most travellers choose to make the journey by car, though the city is also easy to reach by air. Direct flights will take you to Dubrovnik Airport, which is only half an hour’s drive away from the center.