Where can I go sailing?

Where can I go sailing?

Often we receive this question; “Where can I go sailing?” If you have not chosen your destination for your coming sailing holiday or you would like to discover more locations, we can help. We offer yachts all around the world and for everyone there is “that” perfect location!


Your sailing holiday probably depends on your preferred period and distance. Do you want to be sure of good weather, there are countless opportunities for a sunny holiday in Europe. But also subtropical locations are an option. We would like to give you some tips, what to think of when choosing your sailing holiday and to give you the answer on the questions, where can I go sailing?

The wind and your Itinerary
Wind speed and direction influences your sailing schedule and route, especially if you rent bareboat and when you can decide your own route. This has everything to do with the feasibility of planned stopovers and your final destination.

Sailing route and distance
Instead of sailing in a loop whereby you return to the port of departure, you can also choose for a one-way sailing trip and embark in one marina and disembark in another marina. The advantage of a one-way is that you can travel further and see more places. You can also choose for the beautiful flotilla holiday and sail in a small fleet. The sailing route has been created for you, even you and the other sailors will always have a choice where to go. The distance will not be too long and at the same time you will be able to visit the most beautiful places in the area. Most flotillas start and end at the same marina, but there are also one-way flotillas.

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Where and when the wind in its sails?
The whole year you can find places to go sailing in the sun. Even when it is winter, you can always discover places around the equator and in the southern hemisphere, think of the Caribbean, the Maldives, Seychelles, Thailand, Australia and Polynesia.

Let’s go back to the wind and your route in a given area. For example, in the Caribbean the wind blows from the east. In some areas you will need to avoid hurricane season from July to December, when the yachts are not already been removed from the rental.

Along the Greek and Turkish coast the wind blows mostly from the north. But on the Ionian Sea during Spring is practically no wind. This is relaxed for the novice sailor, but less challenging for the sporty sailor.

Where can I go sailing? An overview of sailing areas and the best time to go sailing:

When to go sailing?

Currents and tides
Currents and tides also influence the routes to sail. In the North Sea we always need to take into account the tides and we keep the tide table at hand, while on the Baltic Sea is hardly any difference between high and low tide. In areas with many islands close together, such as in some places like the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the current arises between these islands because the water is pushed up.

Swell and waves
The depth of the water affects swell and waves. The Mediterranean Sea has a depth of 500 meters or more. No exception to the fathomless depths of the big oceans to mention. Be careful: Colours the water of the Mediterranean Sea lighter blue, you should be aware of a shoal and reef that can rise steeply.

Monohull or Catamaran
Sailing areaLots of sailors have a preference for a typical sailingyacht. A monohull or catamaran. Aside from preference or sailing on a specific yacht, you can argue that a catamaran particularly comes into its own in shallow, sandy bays. Besides, you will be generally less affected by fluctuations. Therefore the catamaran is more often a choice when a group takes into account seasickness. However, on a monohull it is easier to find places and marinas where there is less space.

Select the sailing holiday that suits you
When planning your sailing holiday, several factors play a role, but it will also be the joyful anticipation! Do you find it difficult to choose a destination? Get some advice from a good charter provider. They know from experience what is right for you. In any case, you can already prepare for the sailing holiday abroad.

For the less experienced sailors the flotilla is highly recommended, because there is a guidance yacht sailing with you and the skipper can provide assistance when needed.

Finally, you can choose the best yacht suits you. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to experience a fantastic sailing holiday!


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