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Elan yacht charter

Elan Yacht charter. The Elan yachts are built in Slovenia. The company has over 64 years of experience, and is therefore also a very innovative yard went to work with new techniques.

The yard stands for good sailing performance, innovative line and innovative products. The yachts Elan produces are divided into two different lines. First, there is the Elan performance line. These are sportier sailing yachts are built mainly on speed. Besides that there is also the Elan line. These are cruiser yachts. These are equipped with headroom and large storage. These yachts are therefore more suitable for long sea voyages. Both lines have a wide range of yachts.

Elan yachts and other yachts like Salona, Bavaria, Hanse and Beneteau are available for rent at For more information, please contact Customer Service.