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British Columbia| Sailing in Canada
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Sailing holiday British Columbia

British Columbia yacht charter. Undoubtedly some of the most picturesquecoastsailing in the world, British Columbia stretches for thousands of kilometers, offering breathtaking views of mountain gorges, steep cliffs, deep fjords, unhinhabited islands and endless forests.

Sea & Coast

A place of untold and unspoiled beauty, British Columbia is a province in the western part of Canada, home to the city of Vancouver, the third largest in the country and Victoria, which plays the part of capital city. The name was given by Queen Victoria when the colony entered in British possession.

Sailing Holiday Britisch Columbia

Sailing Holiday Britisch Columbia

Today, it’s known for its rugged beauty and to the Yacht Charter circuit it’s famous for the 27000 km of almost deserted coastline.
The geography of such an extensive province (994,735 sq km) is varied but mostly mountainous, with the Coast Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean and creating some of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world, with 6000 islands (mostly uninhabited), deep fjords and high cliffs with waterfalls. In other words, a Yacht Charter sailor’s dream come true.

60% of the province’s area is covered by forests which is protected by national parks and sanctuaries. Inland, the vegetation is mainly dry grassland, but on the coast it’s wet forests as far as the eye can see. These are made up mostly of western hemlock, western redcedar, Douglas fir, Lodgepole pine (especially in the south), white pine, western larch and white spruce. All these species and many more can be admired by Yacht Charter guests in parks such as Glacier National Park, Gulf Islands, Kootenay, Mount Revelstoke and Pacific Rim.

Weather in British Columbia is severely dependant on the season. The winters are very cold, especially far inland while the summers are pretty hot. The cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean can be felt along the coast, but further on the continent, the differences are considerable. The best time to visit would be during the summer months, when the temperatures are high and rainfall is the lowest. However, Yacht Charter tourists should keep in mind that, given the extensive size of the coastline, there are some differences between the south and the north side, which is several degrees cooler, even in the summer.

Culture & History

Though inhabited by native tribes for thousands of year, the history of British Columbia starts with the colonial period. The British and the Spanish fought over the vast space, mostly coveted for its logging, fishing and later, gold mining potential. This created a social and economical boom that resulted in towns being built, towns like Vancouver, Victoria or Prince George. After joining Canada in 1871, British Columbia’s economy went up and so did the tourism. Today, Yacht Charter is beginning to reach more and more remote corners of the coastline.

British Columbia is the perfect destination for you if you enjoy the great outdoors. With activities such as hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, hunting, fishing, sailing and kayaking, the province offers much for active Yacht Charter tourists. From Vancouver island and Desolation Sound to the islands close to the Alaskan borders, British Columbia offers much in terms of water exploration.

Seamanship & Experience

British Columbia certainly offers something for every Yacht Charter skipper and crew out there. There are various conditions all along the coast, from the busy south, with all its ferries and commercial transport, to the almost desolate north where marinas and anchorage points are days apart.

However, the ruggedness of this stretch of coast should not be taken lightly. The fact that there are vast distances between settlements and the low population density in some areas mean that Yacht Charter skippers need to be extra careful when planning their trips and sailing their boats.