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Yacht Charter New Caledonia Island

Yacht charter New Caledonia Island. The New Caledonia Island region is a common name among Yacht Charter sailing regulars, who flock to these shores year after year. During the tourist season there are plenty of yachts sailing the waters surrounding. The reason for its popularity is the fact that there are many itineraries available for organizing various routes that include safe harbor places.

Perfect destination for nature loving sailors

Yacht Charter New Caledonia Island

New Caledonia is the third largest island in the Pacific after Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. New Caledonia is only 1,500 km east off the coast of Australia. New Caledonia is a sanctuary of the earth’s biodiversity. It is an perfect destination for nature lovers. It has 3500 varieties of plants of which three-quarters are endemic, 4300 species of terrestrial animals, 1000 species of fish and 6500 marine invertebrates. The coral reef of New Caledonia hides a preserved ecosystem, which unites the archipelago and surrounds an astonishing lagoon, is listed as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

From coast to coast, New Caledonia, which stretches some 500 kilometers passing through the archipelago of Loyalty Islands, is home to surprising and remarkably diverse landscapes. Acting like a mountain range separates the Grande Terre (the main island) into two coasts, both with distinct characteristics. All of these beauty’s along the coast lines and on the island of New Caledonia can be explored perfectly from a sailing yacht. 


Cooled by gentle ocean breezes, the climate for visiting charter yachts is ideal. Being tropical but moderate, the climate features sunny, pleasant days and an average yearly air and water temperature of 80 F. Summer is from November through April, when the climate is slightly warmer and more humid. Winter is from May through October, when the climate is slightly cooler and dryer.


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