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Yacht charter Great Barrier Reef / Whitsunday Islands

Yacht charter Great Barrier Reef / Whitsunday Islands. The region is home to one of Australia’s most iconic cities, the one that shows up on almost every postcard, Sydney. But it’s also one of the most accessible and pleasant locations on this side of the Pacific due to the climate and the sights.

Sea & Coast

Yacht charter Great Barrier Reef / Whitsunday Islands

The Sydney region is one of the most populated areas in Australia, and one that has been settled for at least 30,000 years according to recent carbon dating. The original inhabitants of the region were the indigenous Australians before it was colonized by the British in the late 1700s.They used the new land as a penal colony, a far cry from the Yacht Charter destination it is today.

With the induction of steam power and the arrival of masses of British and Irish settlers the city began a rapid suburban development in the late 1800s. Industrialization further raised Sydney’s population to one million at the beginning of the 20th century. This is when the Harbor Bridge was completed, today a favorite Yacht Charter tourist landmark.

The region’s geography is divided between the Cumberland Plain (to the south and west of Port Jackson) and the Hornsby Plateau (north of the harbor). The Pacific shore line is carved into the sandstone of this plateau, resulting in deep river valleys. The urban area concentrates around Sydney Harbor area, which is the largest natural harbor in the world, and also around the numerous beaches found at either side (70 beaches in all). All year round, these are populated both by locals and by Yacht Charter visitors.

Culture & History

The Sydney region has been fighting a constant battle with neighboring Melbourne ever since the days of the gold rush. The fight was over supremacy, financial, social, political, cultural, and even if people from either city like to think that theirs is the best, Sydney dwellers have the right to brag about it.

The town is a virtual melting pot for different cultures, arriving from all the other continents, and that’s not counting the numerous Yacht Charter masses that come here on holiday each year. All these cultures contribute to the city’s overall cultural life, as Sydney plays host to numerous events of national and local importance.

Landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, the Town Hall, the Darling Harbor, the Olympic Park (host of the 2000 Olympics), Sydney Tower and St. Mary’s Cathedral, only add to the flavor given by the numerous museums, theatres and other historical sites that draw the Yacht Charter holidaymakers.

Seamanship & Experience

Sailing around Sydney Harbor is not just for Yacht Charter tourists but also for the locals, so during the summer months (and sometimes even during the off-season) you’ll see a great number of boats cruising the numerous bays and islands. Temperate climate, the average rainfall and the relative protected nature of the harbor from winds due to its natural position makes this location relatively easy to approach by sea, even for beginner skippers.

Overall, this region is a must-see for any Yacht Charter sailor worth his salt, as it’s the definitive insight into the Australian landscape and culture, its tradition and history. With plenty for you to do and see, with fair weather all year round, you can’t possibly miss the opportunity to pay Sydney a visit.