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North-Europa sailing holiday

The North sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic ocean. The North sea is located around several countries: Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Denmark. The North sea is more than 970 kilometers long and 580 kilometers wide. The North sea has a total of 750.000 square kilometers.

North-Europe Sailing Holiday Sweden

The north sea is beautiful piece of nature, and besides that it is an important source of life, rest and peace. The area has a great variety of plants and fish in open water. In a sailing ship, you can drift down to the Belgian coastline or even sail to the rocky coast of Brittany. If you sail to East England, then you step into another world. As a result of the vast, open skies above the flat landscape, it sometimes seems as though your senses are operating better than normal.

Eexperienced sailors

The North Sea is a challenge for many sailors, the sea is characterized by shallow water flow. Especially near the Canal and towards the eastern wad sailors must pay close attention to shallow water, tide, sand bars and busy shipping lanes. You must be an experienced sailor to sail here.

Less experienced sailors

Less experienced sailors can sail in Northern Europe, but may be better than swerve to the IJsselmeer, Baltic and around Stockholm. After some time sailing the IJsselmeer fairly boring, but a nice place for a weekend and then sail delicious one or two weeks where the water is nice and clear.

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