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Spain | Sailing in Barcelona
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Sailing Holidays Spanish Coast - Barcelona

Yacht Charter Barcelona -Spanish Coast

Sailing Holidays Spanish Coast. The Spanish Coast – Barcelona region is a common name among sailing regulars, who flock to these shores year after year. During the tourist season there are plenty of yachts sailing the waters surrounding. The reason for its popularity is the fact that there are many itineraries available for organizing various routes that include safe harbor places. offers you a number off different ports in Spain. From the ports of Barcelona, Portvastello, Valencia and Denia it’s easy to sail to  The Balearic, Mallorca and Ibiza. Ofcourse you can also start your saling holiday from these islands.

Beautiful nature

Sailing along the coast of Spain is simply beautifull, the wild and romantic Costa Brava is truly amazing. Rough cliffs with small forests of pine and acacia trees and typical Mediterranean vegetation. Steep slopes, deserted bays, which are easily accessible by boat or by car. Pretty fishing villages, sandy beaches, crystal clear water, colorful underwater world and culinary delights ashore. The wild coast begins at the foot of the Pyrenees near the French border and runs almost all the way to Barcelona.