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Italy & Greece | Sailing in the Ionic sea
Sun, Sea and wind

Sailing Holiday, Greece, Ionian Sea

The Greek coastal waters can be divided roughly into two parts: the Ionian and the Aegean Sea. The Ionian Sea is characterized by a gentle breeze and a very large number of moorings. The yacht charter covers this region fully. The minimum sailing distance is thus very small. That is not necessarily a disadvantage because in Greece, there is so much to see! However, this does not mean that the short sail through the Sea is for nothing as it is the cradle of the charter. The scenic view in the Ionian Sea provides both the new and seasoned tourist with a new experience each time one is on the sail. From the marine life to the breeze, the experience is bound to blow one away.One of the biggest attractions of the Ionian Sea is undoubtedly the Bay of Corinth. This is a deep and narrow bay that the Peloponnesian peninsula almost entirely separate from Northern Greece. This wonderful water sports area takes you to the heart of ancient Greece, where the increasingly narrow sea seamlessly into the Corinth Canal. Traversing the rock-hewn channel, with its steep cliffs on both sides, is an experience you should not miss! The yacht charter is therefore bound to excite and provide sailors with a beautiful experience of a lifetime. The charter is both exclusive and exquisite. Sailors who make use of it enjoy a lot of advantages over those who choose other means. The service while on cruise is great. Holidays could not be any more enjoyable than this option.


To experience this beauty, you must sail with the right kind of yacht charter. That is why Euroboatcharter should be your charter company of choice. You can get access to a wide range of luxury yachts or you can opt to rent spacious catamarans and speedboats. The advantage of the yacht charter is that is comes with all-risk insurance. So, without worry about damage, you can sail and enjoy a fabulous boating experience wherever you like.