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Salerno | Sailing in Italy
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Gulf of Naples yacht Charter  Salerno, Tyrrhenian Sea – Gulf of Naples

Charter your yacht in Salerno and discover one of the best-kept secrets in sailing! Owing to its location it is the ideal starting point for your sailing trip along the celebrated coastline of the world-famous town of Almalfi, less than 25 kilometres away. Despite the fact that there are no islands to visit this is still a phenomenal place in which to enjoy water sports. Indeed this region of the Tyrrhenian Sea – Gulf of Naples is renowned throughout the world as a Μecca for aquatic leisure activities in Italy. Steep rocks adorned with idyllic villages rise straight up, creating a scene so picturesque that it might have inspired the invention of the holiday postcard. But the absolute high-point is of course Almalfi itself. This iconic resort is simply one of the most beautiful towns in the whole of Italy!

Yacht Charter: The Best of Both Worlds

When journeying along the Almalfi coast one truly comes upon Salerno as being something of an anomaly. It is not so much an idyllic mountain village as an important sea port. This does of course mean that it offers the benefits of excellent facilities and a sizeable ocean marina. It really is an attractive place to visit. Μuch of the town′s ecclesiastical history has been preserved, including several architecturally significant churches and the imposing ruins of a castle.

Euroboat charter

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