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Yacht Charter Corsica – Elba


Yacht Charter Corsica – Elba. Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago. Besides that, it is also one of the most beautiful and renowned. Elba is positioned between the tyrrhenian and ligurian seas. Elba is famous for the many yacht charter opportunities. The island is split into 8 municipalities with Portoferraio being the main commercial port on the island and a popular port of call for those on an Elba yacht charter. Visit Portoferraio on the northern coastline for the best bars, restaurants and shopping. Elba is also well know for it’s rich history. One of the most notable “guests” to the island was Emperor Napoleon, a name that still draws sailors to these shores even today for yacht charter holidays in Elba. It became a part of the Unified Kingdom of Italy in 1860. Today, the island is rather famed for its wines and tourist facilities rather than its history. The most important city on the island remains Portoferraio.Elba lays 50 km east of the island Corsica.


Corsica is a French island in the southeast of the mainland in the Mediterranean. The island is created by volcanic eruptions, and therefore is is the most mountainous region in the Mediterranean. The island corsica has a coastline of 620 km, over 200 beaches and stunning nature. Corsica has a Mediterranean climate.

Corsica is a wild, solitary island with ancient mountain villages, and has an abundance of  dreamy harbours and secluded inlets, often only accessible by sea.
If you were to sail around Corsica, you would see very varied landscapes: the mountainous terrain of Cap Corse, inlets lined by glowing red rocks on the Western coast, steep chalk cliffs and deep fjords in the South, and long sandy beaches on the East coast between Bastia and Solenzara.

The Corsican sailing area includes, most importantly, the islands that lie in the Straits of  Bonifacio, with a total coastline of 300 nautical miles. In this windy area there are 12  yacht harbours, 20 completely safe anchorage’s, usually near restaurants, as well as 50 further anchorage’s that are ideal for a lunch or swimming breaks, but not necessarily safe enough to spend the night.