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Spain - Sailing in Andalusia
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Sailing holiday Costa del Sol | Yacht charter Andalusia

Sailing holiday Costa Del Sol, Andalusia

Sailing holiday Costa Del Sol. Over 300 sunny days a year, summer temperatures above 30°C and an average seawater temperature of 22°C. A number of reasons why Costa del Sol has become a popular sailing destination.

Sailing holiday Costa Del Sol

Costa del Sol is located in southern Spain, this ensures the pleasant climate. Costa del Sol is a beautiful sailing area, with several touristic villages, cozy marina’s, a green coast and beautiful anchorages. The water is crystal clear, combined with the warm sea makes swimming  and snorkeling ideal. With Euroboatcharter you can explore this beautiful area with a sailing yacht, catamaran or motorboat from our wide range. You can check your perfect yacht in the overview of yachts.