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Sailing in the Aegean Sea!
Sun, sea and wind

Aegean Sea Yacht Charter

Come explore some southeastern European beauty with a yacht charter from Euroboatcharter! Greece has been a popular boating and yachting destination for a long time now, and experienced sailors will tell you that the Aegean Sea to the east shows a unique side of this marine paradise. Now you have the chance to experience this for yourself. While the Ionian Sea is especially welcoming because of its characteristic gentle breeze and calmness, the Aegean holds its charm in its power. You can sail here the whole day without tacking even once. The winds are steady and strong, but they are also predictable, allowing you to chart and follow your course with ease. Combine that with the abundant sunshine and the crystal clear blue waters and you will understand why the Aegean Sea is such a popular destination for boaters.

Wondrous island paradise

Apart from the perfect sailing conditions, the many islands also make this area a prime yachting destination for the curious explorer. The Aegean Sea is a wondrous island paradise that was the inspiration for one of the best adventure stories in history: Homer’s Odyssey. Although you will find no Cyclops, Charybdis, or evil Sirens, the sunny islands offer you countless possibilities for exciting adventures, memorable visits, and breathtaking sights. With Euroboatcharter, you can visit the beauties of the Aegean Archipelago like the North Aegean Islands, the Cyclades, the Argo-Saronic Islands, and Euborea, the second-largest Greek island after Crete. Each of these remarkable pieces of land will let you experience a part of ancient history. Enjoy the islands over which Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Ottomans fought fiercely throughout recorded history in order to conquer and keep! Take in the sights so mesmerizing as if they were created by Olympic gods for their own divine enjoyment!

Sail in the Aegean Sea now!

Today you are one step away from basking in the beauty of the Aegean where Greece’s natural charm blends with the Hellenic architectural genius of old and the tastefully developed local tourist service. Your personal Odyssey is a yacht charter away – take the wheel now! Euroboatcharter rents out the best sailing yachts in the most beautiful marinas of Greece. Alternatively you can also book a comfortable cruise which will take you from Athens to the Saronic Gulf and back for a splendid holiday. All in all, the possibilities for great sailing in the Aegean are endless!