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Yacht charter - The Mediterranean
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Sailing Holiday Mediterranean

Sailing paradise

Sailing Holiday Mediterranean

Sailing Holiday Mediterranean

Yacht Charter Mediterranean. If you’re looking for a sailing paradise, you don’t have to look too far from home. With its wonderful climate, clear blue seas, palm trees and exotic beaches, the Mediterranean Sea may be among the most beautiful areas in the world.

What makes this area unique is that for thousands of years it has been a crossroads of different cultures. Along the coast you will find beautiful Egyptian, Greek and Roman ruins, but also Arab towns and medieval fortresses. The whole area is full of history and culture. Chartering your own yacht, you can discover the coastline’s many secrets in comfort, ranging from forgotten islands and walled cities to dolphin sanctuaries, beautiful coral reefs and sunken cities. A sailing boat holiday in the Mediterranean is the best way to enjoy all of this.

Yacht Charter Mediterranean – Little Experience Required

Because the Mediterranean Sea is enclosed by three continents, the area has a unique climate. The many hours of sunshine and the gentle sea breeze provide almost perfect sailing weather, and this means that large parts of the Mediterranean are accessible to sailors without a lot of experience. Indeed, renting a yacht to explore the coast of Croatia is the ideal option for beginners. The areas around Kremik and Pula can be navigated with as little as five days of sailing experience. Croatia has moderate winds along its coast, meaning navigation can be done simply by sight. The same goes for parts of the Greek and Turkish coasts. The rest of the Mediterranean does require some experience, but fortunately it’s easy to hire a captain with Euroboatcharter, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your trip.

Yacht Charter – Book Your Dream Yacht, Catamaran or Motorboat!

Renting a sailing boat, monohul, catamaran or motor boat can lead to an unforgettable holiday in the Mediterranean. Below you will find the necessary information about the most interesting areas and departure ports. You will also find an overview of all available yacht charters in each of our ports, and you can also use our handy search engine.

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