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Cuba | Sailing
Sun, sea and wind
Sailing holiday Cuba

Sailing holiday Cuba

Sailing holiday Cuba

Cuba is is located just south of the United states, east of Mexico and north of South-America. Cuba is mainly known for the Castro regime, big sigares and old cars. There are only a few people who also know Cuba for the perfect sailing destination. The largest island in the Caribbean has a welcoming educated population, countless pristine beaches, mountainous rain forests and thriving artistic centers. This fascinating country, wrapped in a time warp from a 50-year-old Socialist revolution, is steeped in history.

With its favorably warm climate year round, steady winds, unique natural beauty and open-minded, friendly people, Cuba goes beyond any sailor’s dreams. The island also has a reliable nautical infrastructure, which is receiving well-aimed support from the government. About 20 marinas and nautical centers all around Cuba gladly welcome yachts under all flags and offer all conceivable services.

Climate on Cuba

The warm climate maintains even temperatures throughout the year, ranging from 25°C to 31°C during the day and 16°C to 22°C at night. The hot climate keeps the clear waters temperature warm year-round, ranging from 22°C to 31°C.

Best time to visit

March, April, October and November are the months with the nicest weather and least rain. June through the end of November is considered hurricane season and generally the rainier months. The high season in Cuba is July and August and the peak season is December, January and February.