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Baltic Sea | Sweden | Germany
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Yacht Charter Baltic Sea

La Mare Balticum, La Mare Suebicum, The Baltic Sea – there are many names for the largest brackish sea in the world. This sea is truly international; The countries Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark are situated along its picturesque shores. With a large variety of coastal areas, your yacht charter holiday will take you everywhere you can imagine, from high-quality wellness destinations (with specialty German spas), to simple, natural destinations in beautiful solitude. At, you can find yachts for rent at three different locations in the German waters of the Baltic Sea, from Flensburg to Greifswald, at the best shipyards in Sweden near the island Orust on the west coast and on the east coast of Sweden near Stockholm. Clear water and the characteristic easy-going lifestyle of the native peoples attract many sailors to this destination each year. You may find some of your own compatriots, as well as sailors from Poland, Sweden and other Baltic countries. The climate often coincides with that of the Netherlands, although the west coast of Sweden often enjoys lovely weather due to favourable water currents. Visit today and book your dream vacation today. Everything Europe has to offer is waiting for you in this unique and beautiful paradise.


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