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Flotilla sailing Italy | No ICC certificate needed

Flotilla sailing ItalyFlotilla sailing Italy. Italy means enjoying a delicious cappuccino, children who enjoy a nice Ice cream and no worries. With up to ten yachts in the flotilla. Each yacht will sail with his crew each day to the most beautiful bays or harbours, the evening you can find each other again in the agreed port or bay. Where you can explore together the port town or enjoy a barbecue can go all together on the beach. The focus of this flotilla sailing holiday in Italy is the fact that sailing is for all members of the family and that it is something of experience desired.

Sailing with your family

Family Sailing for people with a family who have little or no experience with sailing. Along with a skipper you will be participating in the flotilla of Italy, where you’ll be sailing along in a fleet with other families, who like you are looking for holiday full of adventure or relaxation. The focus of this flotilla sailing holiday in Italy is the fact that sailing is for all members of the family and with no experience must! For all those families who dream of sailing holiday with their family, this is the perfect flotilla.


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Flotilla sailing Italy

Flotilla Italy. In Italy you can beautifully flotilla sailing and need. No license Besides that it is the land of the delicious Italian food and a truly beautiful coastline. During a flotilla in Italy you can fully enjoy this. Italy has a Mediterranean climate. In summer, the temperature is between 22 and 28 degrees. For a sailor this climate best described as mild. The wind is early in the year well, but not too hard, usually around 3 to 5 Beaufort.

Mediterranean atmosphere in Italy

Flotilla sailing in Italy a very social and friendly way of sailing so you will get to know many new people. Besides meeting new people, you can also enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere in Italy. There will always be an accompanying sail ship in the flotilla which an experienced skipper will sail along. If you are not an experienced sailor and want to learn this, you can choose to sail. Accompanying the ship Alternatively if you have your own ship always reach the experienced skipper on the radio. Questions or problems Every morning will be discussed. The route, day planning and weather

Ideal for novice sailors and families

Participants of flotilla sailing in Croatia are often novice sailors or families with children, who want to discover new waters safely. But also for the experienced sailor flotilla sailing is fun, since you sail with more boats and people. After the briefing, each skipper sails independently to the agreed port, and in the evening you will meet the other sailors back in the agreed harbor or bay. So, whether you are an experienced sailor or not, sailing in a flotilla is an unforgettable experience for both young and old.

No ICC sailing certificate needed

For flotilla sailing in Italy their is no ICC required, but proof of sailing skill (CWO diploma or consultation you will receive a receipt from us). Want flotilla sailing Italy, you should have at least sailed a yacht once before as skipper, whether it was as bareboat or flotilla. Do you want to prepare for a sailing trip or just ask for our special flotilla teaching opportunities in the Netherlands.

Sailors who choose a flotilla, choose for this for several reasons: firstly, it is comforting that someone can help you in difficult situations. But it is also interesting for more experienced sailors, who have already been in the region quite often, because sailing in a flotilla is cozier and more social. The children are happy all holiday long, because every night they see their friends in the port! Or they can even sail along one day on the yacht of another family so they can play all day. For the adults, the social aspect is also great fun. For example during a barbecue on one of the uninhabited islands, the friendships and acquaintances increase.


On the lead-boat of the flotilla is an experienced sailor/skipper available who can help with all common issues. If you need guidance to sail, anchor, or any other issues, then the skipper can be reached by radio or he even takes over the yacht for you if necessary. So you are assured of a safe sailing!

Prepared sailing in Italy

With you have the opportunity to get sailing classes for one day or longer. has a collaboration with Nationaal Watersport Instituut. For more information on sailing lessons and refresh courses click here.

To join a flotilla sailing holiday, you must have sailed a yacht at least once before as a skipper, whether it was as a bareboat or in a flotilla. If you have already sailed as a crew member on a sailing or motor yacht you can get a three day flotilla course. If you have never sailed on a boat you can do a six-day flotilla course where the instructor will teach you how to sail independently in six days!

Tips & Tricks flotilla sailing Italy

– It is recommended to take your luggage in a large bag, because of the limited space in your cabin.
– Take shoes with white soles with a non-slip layer, it supports staying in balance on the surging sailing ship
– Take casual clothing like: a wind breaking jacket, warm fleece for evenings but mainly light summer clothes and swimwear.
– Long sleeve (useful against burning or mosquitoes)
– Short and long pants
– Cap or hat for the sun
– Rainwear
– Be careful with jewelry
– Sunglasses (polaroid sunglasses for the skipper) and sunscreen
– A valid travel document and your health insurance card
– A nice tip: Take CDs along with your favorite music to listen to while sailing
– Consider taking snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment or a hammock along for the sailboat!

Destination and Dates in Italy

In 2016 organizes flotillas in Italy from Salerno and a special one-way Salerno-Tropea.

Salerno – Salerno
16/7 -23/7 | 1-week Flotilla

Salerno – Tropea

23/7 – 6/8 | 2-week Flotilla

Information flotilla sailing Italy

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