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Looking for a sailing holiday that suits you? If you wish to enjoy an ultimate bareboat yacht itself good compromise on your yacht charter or with skipper? Our consultants will be happy to advise you without obligation, professional and enthusiastic which sailing holiday fits you the best. Sailing hollidays at are suitable for everyone, both experienced sailor and for inexperienced sailors.

  • What is flottila sailing?

    Flottielje zeilen Kroatie (2)-077

    Flotilla sailing: a shared and social way of sailing to new waterways and new people to know. With an experienced skipper on the accompanying ship cruising past all familiar beautiful anchorages and harbors. On your own yacht cruising with a group of about 10 other yachts and you will discover the most beautiful spots in Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. An unforgettable experience!

    Each morning, a joint meeting takes place where the route, diurnal and weather are discussed and where the opportunity is to ask the skipper his questions. In the accompanying vessel is an experienced skipper present which is accessible via the radio and who can help with all common issues. So you are assured of a safe journey and at the end of the day he can help in your dock at the port.

    Want to sail extra miles independently? You can! In the evening you will meet the other sailors of the flotilla just turn in the agreed harbor or bay. The yacht will be constructed near small harbors. Once constructed their may be decided to go snorkeling, lay down at the beach or to make a campfire. Other times we look up the more busy sides and we are going out in the small villages. More information? Look at: Flotilla sailing Turkey, Flotilla sailing Italy, Flotilla sailing Greece or flotilla sailing Croatia.

    What type of people choose a Flotilla holiday?

    Most participants will be relative newcomers to sailing or families with children who want to learn about life afloat in a safe environment, with support available. Teenagers in particular enjoy these holidays with the opportunity to make new friends and find out about different cultures. Flotilla holidays are also suitable for more experienced sailors who will enjoy the experience of holidaying in the Greek islands with fellow sailors.

    Flotilla sailing with children: perfect!

    During school holidays, many families with children come flotilla sailing. They make fast friends with each other, work together, go swimming, snorkeling, etc. If the kids are having fun, parents have a real holiday!

    ICC is not compulsory in Greece

    For flotilla sailing in Greece is no ICC required, but proof of sailing skill (CWO diploma or consultation you will receive a receipt from us). Want flotilla sailing Greece, you should have at least sailed a yacht once before as skipper, whether it was as bareboat or flotilla. Do you want to prepare for a sailing trip or just ask for our special flotilla teaching opportunities in the Netherlands.

    Experience on hand at all times

    Unlike standard yacht charter where clients sail on their own, in the flotilla holidaymakers will be under the overall care of an experienced skipper in the lead boat, who can help with everyday issues and give expert guidance on sailing, anchoring and other tasks. In the event of difficulties the skipper is easily reached by radio and will give hands on support when needed.

    Yacht Charter Flotilla Sailing

    Additional support is available from experienced guides accompanying the group. These expert guides are familiar with navigation routes and the local area and can give advice on weather conditions, sightseeing opportunities and the best bars and restaurants to visit, so that visitors have a truly memorable holiday, both on and off the water. Sailing in small groups gives us the opportunity to experience smaller islands, lakes and intimate harbors out of the reach of larger vessels.

    Developing Sailing skills

    In collaboration with the National Water Institute, offers sailing lessons and refresher training as part of your holiday. In 2014 we offer sailing courses for flotilla sailors in the Saronic Gulf, within easy reach of Athens. For clients who have previously sailed as a crew member on a sailing or motor yacht we offer a three day course. For anyone new to sailing and without experience we offer a six day flotilla course at the end of which participants will be able to sail their yacht independently.

    What to take with you

    Don’t forget protection against the sun, including a hat and sunscreen and it’s a good idea to pack some extra layers such as a warm fleece for cooler summer evenings. Long sleeves will protect against insect bites. On deck it’s best to wear shoes with non marking rubber soles, to stay safe.

    Sailing as part of a flotilla offers advantages over standard yacht charter. Support is on hand immediately should a problem arise, which is particularly reassuring for the less experienced sailor. Flotilla sailing is much more friendly and sociable than going it alone, with opportunities for shared activities such as barbecues and meals in port. Children and teenagers are more easily entertained with others of the same age around them. All these factors contribute to a fun and relaxing holiday.

    Meet fellow sailors from the flotilla

    You can start all the flotilla holiday’s acquainted with the other sailors in the flotilla. Through the Facebook page of you can sign up at the event flotilla holiday then tips and anticipation to share with fellow flotilla sailors!

    For more information about flotilla sailing? Ask for a free quote or contact us at 050 8200 200!


  • actief meezeilen

    Cabin charter in Greece, Italy, Turkey or Croatia

    Sailing on a yacht, with (new) friends and an experienced skipper. Sail with us on the azure Mediterranean. You explore harbors, anchors in bays for snorkeling. Sometimes we are located in cozy harbors with restaurants, bars and other entertainment. Then again we stay rocking at anchor, with Orion above us in a clear night, so dark that you can see the Milky Way.

    The yacht you meezeilt sometimes part of a flotilla. The other ships you will find at the end of the day at the appointed place so you gather a group of friends around you soon. You can evening to participate in the joint activities, such as beach barbecues, steps, dining. But if you want alone or with a small group of like, anything goes, nothing is. Different sailing areas to sail you can sail from a number of areas, including Italy, Turkey, Croatia and Greece.

  • Sailing with skipper

    Sailing with Skipper

    Sailing with Skipper

    A sailing holiday with skipper. If you have no sailing experience or want to go on a sailing holiday without the worry of sailing, you can charter a yacht or catamaran with skipper. So your yacht in safe hands and you also get an expert on board who can show you. Most beautiful locations All boats are available for charter with skipper at

    A sailing on a yacht with skipper means:

    • – The ship is in safe hands
    • – All navigation is done for you
    • – Enjoy and really unwind
    • – No sailing experience required

    You can charter all yachts at Euroboatcharter with skipper. So you can go sailing anywhere in the world, regardless of your own sailing experience. For a skipper, you must rely on cost around €120 per day. For questions about our skippers, please call us or use the built in chat feature of this site.

    If you opt for Euroboatcharter you will receive:

    • – 24-hour service throughout your holiday
    • – An additional refresher course with private instructor
    • – The security of a large organization National Water Bank Assurance and warranty of SGR 
 – Sound advice from sailing professionals
    • – Experienced skippers
    • – Your deposit is insured up to 2,500 euros
  • Bareboat charter | Enjoy unlimited freedom

    Bavaria Cruiser 40

    Bavaria Cruiser 40

    Charter bareboat with the service of Euroboatcharter. Sail your own yacht means a virtually unlimited freedom. You decide your route to the ports where you want to moor or uninhabited islands you choose to visit. Of course you can also choose to stay in port for one day. So you can indeed fully enjoy the surroundings or to recover from the party the day before.

    Bareboat charter | Required sailing experience

    Bareboat charter means nothing more that a boat ” bare ” charter, charter the yacht without a skipper. You therefore stands at the helm, hoist the sails and cast your anchor. Of course some sailing experience are required. For some trades money additionally you must have a license. If you are not in possession of such a license. No problem! Euroboatcharter organizes special sailing courses for beginners. Also, our courses are very suitable for anyone who has experience although, once again wants to freshen up before they embark on a well-prepared sailing.

    Of course there are alternatives to our bareboat charter. Through Euroboatcharter you can charter excellent skippers who can guide you on your journey. Rather charter bareboat, then you should look under the different regions and countries or targeted search your dream yacht through the handy search engine.