Sailing lessons

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Sailing lessons

Do you want to learn how to sail? Maybe you want to enlarge your knowledge about sailing? You are welcome to start sailing lessons at the Nationaal Watersport Instituut. There are sea sailing lessons for beginners and advanced sailors, a course especially for married couples and a family course. The sailing lessons will be given by our highly experienced instructors, who will teach you all the ins and outs about sea sailing. The NWI guarantees that their courses are all given in accordance to the guidelines of the CWO (Commission Watersports Education), the rural standard for quality of all sports training.

Sailinglessons at the NWICourse locations

The sailing courses given by the NWI (Nationaal Watersport Instituut) available at three different locations in the Netherlands:

Oostmahorn – The place to be for sailing lessons at the beautiful lake nearby Lauwersoog.
Lemmer – From here you can follow sailing lessons at the lake, called IJsselmeer.
Haringvliet – This place is easily accessible to people who live more south in the Netherlands.

Our most preferred place is at the lake, called Lauwersmeer, but the courses can be combinated with a holiday abroad. That way we can offer a course in Croatia. We also arrange several sailingtrips in foreign countries.


Our instructors are very well educated. Their very own sailing skills are some of such a high quantity, but also their teaching skills are very well developed. At the NWI we can only confirm that, next to their methodical and didactic skills, our instructors need to have developed their social skills extremely well. And that’s the only way to find out about the need of the course at the NWI, but next to that – which maybe one of the most important things – it will be a fun and friendly experience.

Practical courses seasailing

Basic course

As a beginner you will learn sailing on a sailing yacht. At the end of this course you are a full member of the crew, which is led by a captain. You will fully understand the commands and maneuvers, which help you to assist the captain at sailing the boat.
The course takes 4 days and costs € 550,= p.p. (in case of a minimum of 2 participants).

Advanced course

You will be educated to become a captain on a sailing yacht. At the end of the course you are able to lead the boat on your own, but only when it’s soft wheather. You can plan a little boat trip with the crew which is on the boat at that time, but also a supervizing instructor is sailing along. The course takes 5 days and costs € 650,= p.p. (in case of a minimum of 2 participants).

Skipper course

You will be educated to become a independent skipper of a sailing yacht. At the end of the course you are able to lead your ship in any kind of weather, also at sea you can. You can plan day trips, instruct and lead your crew.
The course takes 7 days and costs € 875,= p.p. (in case of a minimum of 2 participants).

Mudflat sailing course

Course mudflat sailing

Once educated to learn how to sail the mudflat, you can sail at all tides in the world. This course teach you all you need to sail the wad on your own, like reading tide charts, dealing with different sorts of tiding, time planning, accurate navigation, running dry on the mudflat and visiting the sometimes picturesque ports on the islands.
The course takes 2 days and costs € 300,= p.p. (in case of a minimum of 2 participants)

Course sailing and maneuvering on the engine

We teach you to sail just on the engine. On which powers does the boat work and what’s the influence of the propellor of the yacht? Which way is the best of mooring the boat and how do you approach a lock to moor in it? Also we teach you about entering a port and then docking in a box. You will learn all about these subjects, when you choose to follow this additional course ‘Sail and maneuver on the engine’.
This course takes 2 days and costs € 299,= p.p. This price is exclusive the costs of any fuel and in case there are 2 participants minimum.

Special (Married) Couples Course

You and your partner want to learn seasailing together. Well, we all know about couples and there’s our special course; it will help you to work as a team and not as two people who argue all the time. The base of this teamwork is to learn how to plan and review every step. Both your roles during the course will stay clear to you and your partner; these clearness brings peace into your teamwork. Just experience it; you’ll see for yourself! Depending on your entry level, you will learn a little bit or much more about your own sailing skills. Also you will learn to implement your own role and time planning into all you have learned already. Working together is the keyword to a succesful completion of this course.
The duration of this course is depending on your own sailing skills, but normally it takes 2 days.
Costs: € 599,= per couple.

Family Course

Working as a team is also the keyword to this course. You, your parnter and your children will learn about the matter to plan and review every step you take together. There’s that peace item again, which we saw at the Special Couples Course; in this Family Course it’s such an important issue too. As well as all roles in your family. Those items will play a large role at sailing, hoisting the sails, arriving, approaching and mooring at any place you and your ship are. When there’s a need to it, you can learn about higher levels in sailing skills and maneuver the boat.
The duration of the course is depending on your own sailing skills, but normally it takes 2 days.
Costs: € 995,= (5 persons maximum)

Course Flotilla Sailing

Your sailing skills are of such a great level, that you want to apply for the Course Flottilla Sailing. What differences are there from sailing a flottilla abroad? Well, we will teach you all about it!
What is the meaning of using a Mediteranean anchor? On what way you approach a Croation or Italian port? This course will teach you the little details to sail flottilla abroad and all about you can expect on sailing a flottilla.
The course takes 1 day and costs € 399,= for 2 persons and € 499,- for 3 or 4 persons