Flotilla Sailing Greece

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Flotilla Sailing Greece – No experience needed


Flotilla sailing Greece. Are you considering yacht charter in the Greek islands for a holiday in 2017? Our flotilla holidays are an ideal alternative to bareboat charter, in particular for the less experienced sailor. Flotilla holidays are ideal for relative newcomers to sailing as well as those with experience on the water.

Greece is the perfect destination for water based holidays and Euroboatcharter.com has chosen departure points in popular marinas including Lefkas, Corfu, and Athens. We offer a more relaxing option to bareboat hire by inviting customers to join a flotilla of up to ten boats in Greece. Use the search tool on our website to select a yacht for your crew, check availability and find out our prices.

Flotilla sailing Greece

Family Sailing holidays in Greece

Flotilla holidays are ideal for families with little or no experience of sailing. You’ll be traveling in a Flotilla up to ten yachts, along with an experienced skipper and other families, enjoying a fun-filled holiday with sun, sea, relaxation and the Greek cuisine. Sailing is fun for all members of the family, including those with no previous experience and this is also an excellent holiday choice for single parent families. Holidays based in Lefkada and Corfu is especially suitable for inexperienced sailors, due to their safe waters and reliable climate conditions.


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A typical day on a Flotilla holiday in Greece

Flotilla sailing in Greece offers an opportunity to meet and socialize with like minded people on holiday while exploring the uninhabited islands of the Greek coastline. You’ll be sailing your boat in a group of ten vessels, under the guidance of an experienced Dutch skipper. In the morning there will be a briefing session before setting off, to discuss the planned route and any hazards. During the day each boat will sail independently and at it’s pace to the next port, and in the evening the group will reunite to share experiences over a glass of wine or a shared meal. Flotilla sailing makes for an unforgettable holiday, whatever your age.

What kind of people choose a Flotilla holiday?

Most participants will be relative newcomers to sailing or families with children who want to learn about life afloat in a safe environment, with support available. Teenagers, in particular, enjoy these holidays with the opportunity to make new friends and find out about different cultures. Flotilla holidays are also suitable for more experienced sailors who will benefit from the experience of holidaying in the Greek islands with fellow sailors.

ICC is not compulsory in Greece

For flotilla sailing in Greece is no ICC required, but proof of sailing skill (CWO diploma or consultation you will receive a receipt from us). Want flotilla sailing Greece, you should have at least sailed a yacht once before as skipper, whether it was as bareboat or flotilla. Do you want to prepare for a sailing trip or just ask for our special flotilla teaching opportunities in the Netherlands.

Experience on hand at all times

Unlike standard yacht charter where clients sail on their own, in the flotilla holidaymakers will be under the overall care of an experienced skipper in the lead boat, who can help with everyday issues and give expert guidance on sailing, anchoring, and other tasks. In the event of difficulties, the skipper is easily reached by radio and will give hands on support when needed.

Additional support is available from experienced guides accompanying the group. These expert guides are familiar with navigation routes and the local area and can give advice on weather conditions, sightseeing opportunities and the best bars and restaurants to visit, so that visitors have a truly memorable holiday, both on and off the water. Sailing in small groups gives us the opportunity to experience smaller islands, lakes, and intimate harbors out of the reach of larger vessels.

Developing Sailing skills

In collaboration with the National Water Institute, Euroboatcharter.com offers sailing lessons and refresher training as part of your holiday. In 2017 we offer sailing courses for flotilla sailors in the Saronic Gulf, within easy reach of Athens. For clients who have previously sailed as a crew member on a sailing or motor yacht we offer a three day course. For anyone new to sailing and without experience we offer a six day flotilla course at the end of which participants will be able to sail their yacht independently.

What to bring with you

Don’t forget protection against the sun, including a hat and sunscreen and it’s a good idea to pack some extra layers such as a warm fleece for cooler summer evenings. Long sleeves will protect against insect bites. On deck, it’s best to wear shoes with nonmarking rubber soles, to stay safe.

Sailing as part of a flotilla offers advantages over standard yacht charter. Support is on hand immediately should a problem arise, which is particularly reassuring for the less experienced sailor. Flotilla sailing is much more friendly and sociable than going it alone, with opportunities for shared activities such as barbecues and meals in port. Children and teenagers are more easily entertained with others of the same age around them. All these factors contribute to a fun and relaxing holiday.

Destinations & Dates

In 2017 Euroboatcharter organizes flotillas from the following locations: Athens, Corfu, Kos, Skiathos, and Lefkas. We organize them in spring and the summer of 2017.

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