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Cabin Charter

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Cabin Charter

corsciaelbaCabin charter is  in Europe enormously popular for enjoying Sailing Holidays. The ideal sailing holiday for people who don’t yet have the sailing skills to enjoy a bareboat sailing holiday. If you simply want to enjoy sailing, relax or experience life at sea on a sailing yacht. Families enjoy with there children new adventures, Single people meet new friends and everybody enjoys the sun, wind, beaches, snorkeling and maybe some dolphins join the yacht to the next beautiful destination.

How does cabin charter work?

Here is how it works. You rent a private cabin or you share a cabin, it is like a floating hotel. But instead of a having breakfast in the hotel with other hotel quests, you will meet a handful group of people, while our professional skipper manages all aspects of the yacht. If you want the experience of a famous movie star, there are also yacht where a gourmet chef prepares all the meals.

This experience is memorable and affordable. Our guests typically represent many nations, so you make new international friendships. Your new sailing friends are often intelligent, successful and open to new experiences and cultural exchanges. This leads to lasting friendships. Enjoy beautiful private anchorages and special snorkeling spots. Our sailing itineraries are planned around short passages of from one to five hours each day. During our cabin charter sailing holidays, you will experience a far more intimate vacation and explore unspoiled lagoons, pristine beaches, and reefs teeming with sea life, as well as splendid anchorages and bays.

Are you ready to enjoy the experience?

Yacht CharterYou are ready to enjoy the experience if you love:

  • Freedom
  • a perfect sailing holiday with professional support with local knowledge
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Sailing with modern yacht
  • New cultures
  • Good Food
  • to explore one of most beautiful destinations
  • to have lots of fun, sailing and sunshine

Why is a holiday on a sailing yacht better than in a hotel?

  •  You have your own sailboat and private skipper that guides you around beautiful islands.
  • You are always a few meters away from swimming in the sea.
  • Every day you see a different sunset. Every day there are new island to explore.
  • Ocean view 24/7 with access to food and drinks from the kitchen.
  • It’s always sunny on the deck and a fresh breeze is always in your hair ensuring the best possible tan.
  • Sailing Yachts allow you to access beautiful natural bays for a nice lunch stop and an opportunity to take a swim.
  • Imagine peace, quietness, swimming and diving during the day just with people you love and the evening to enjoy with new friends that you met.