Skipper Vajda Croatia

Introduction skipper Alan Vajdic

Vajda’s passion for sailing began in the Adriatic at the young age of five, and the list of competitions, classes and sailing events he has experienced are impressive.

“Optimist and Laser classes”

He has sailed in Optimist and Laser classes as well as on cruisers as a member of some of the most accomplished teams in the Adriatic Sea. Vajda continues to be a member of several sailing teams as a sailor as well as a professional photographer, -his other professional calling.

“Unforgettable time”

For the last 22 years, Vajda has sailed with tourists across the Adriatic and amassed extensive experience and knowledge of the Adriatic Sea. His heart’s mission is to give his guest crew a safe and unforgettable time during their time onboard. A father of two boys, he has seen his children grow up on boats, and is incredibly patient and softly spoken with junior sailors.

As a professional photographer and videographer Vajda has frequently published his photos and written articles with leading Croatian sailing and yachting magazines including the well-known More.

He has also participated in the making of “Sailing pilot” and “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the two films which have greatly contributed to the knowledge of Adriatic’s nautical experience.