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Lagoon yacht charter
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Lagoon yacht charter

Lagoon yacht charter catamarans, a skill level for many of our costumers. With these luxurious yachts you can optimally enjoy your vacation. You can rent Lagoon catamarans via

The first generation of lagoon catamarans were build from 1987 to 1996 and consisted of the Lagoon 55, Lagoon 47, Lagoon 57 and the Lagoon 67. These boat were build for ocean crossings and arranged for private owners. Later they focused on the rental market. The lagoon 380, L410 and 420 but also the Lagoon 440, 470 and 570 are more suitable for the charter market. You can rent the Lagoon yacht charter directly from For more information, pleas contact out Euroboatcharter service team.

Lagoon catamarans are very popular in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean for example: