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Catana yacht charter
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Catana yacht charter

Catanas are well known in the catamaran world. The Catana can reach incredible speeds at the slightest breath of wind. The speed of these boats can reach up to 29 knots. With wind, sailing or sailing close drawn rage these boats on the water. The Catanas are also the fastest recreational catamarans in the world!

But the Catana is not only a” fast” boat. The boats are also very suitable for long distances. The boats have generators, desalination equipment, a washing machine, microwave, solar panels and other equipment available. This allows you to sail long distances without something to worry about. Catana has different types of catamarans. Some of the fleet: Catana 42 Catana 47 Catana 50 Catana 53 Catana 55 Catana 59 Catana Catana 65 and 70. Besides Catana catamarans, Euroboatcharter has a wide range of other catamarans. For example: Lagoon, Nautitech, Leopard and Bahia.

Innovative company

Catana is an innovative company, and also has a number of benefits that other catamarans doesn’t have . The dagger boards of the Catana yacht charter are well known. These are cast in the Catana workshops. The dagger boards can easily be moved up and down . This gives the sailor the opportunity to sail easier. In addition, it enhances safety . You are more likely to escape. This innovation is the most revolutionary creation of the Catana yacht charter . It is therefore no wonder that other yards try to imitate this technique.

The special dagger boards also improve the stability of the catamaran. In crosswind the dagger boards rise up, and the boat can easily slide along. The dagger boards on the Catana are curved and are similar to those on race ships. It is the first time that this dagger boards are mounted on a cruising catamaran.The Catana yacht charter shipyard is the leader in its field!

Secondly, the Catana has special bow. The vertical section of the bow is tulip-shaped with a bell -shaped tip. The narrow entrance of the hull ensures good performance on a calm sea. The gentle slope of the bow adds stability, and this is reducing the rolling of the boat. The latest models of Catana have a reverse bow, with more volume and a less pronounced tulip shape.

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Catana catamarans are very popular in the mediterranean and the caribbean for example:


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