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About us is number one leading online yacht charter in the Netherlands (, with over 12.000 yachts to charter, and provides customers with the best ways to make their Sailing Holidays time go even further. Time is precious after all. Whether it’s planning a flotilla holiday to Greece, Sailing in Croatia, or maybe planning a great sailing holiday in Italy, has it all and at the best value prices. offers its travelers the opportunity to charter yachts worldwide and enjoy new experiences. From regatta sailing in Turkey to relaxing cabin charter sailing holidays, flotilla sailing, anchoring in the most beautiful places of the world and snorkeling with dolphins.

Why did you start

Since we first chartered a sailing yacht in Greece we’ve been thinking about future Sailing Holidays. Sometimes we ran into problems with local charter companies during our Sailing Holidays. You could not reach them, they could not speak English or any other common language. Like most people we had a bad planning and organization, which effects your sailing experience in a bad way.

This is why we founded our company. Together with all our clients we sail around the world and discover every year new beautiful yacht charter destinations. We share our sailing experience and we help you with planning and organization so you can enjoy your sailing holidays with family, friends or new friends.

When did you start?

Since we are Dutch, and dutch people are not used to the Mediterranean style of communication, we founded in 2010 to help Dutch people to enjoy perfect sailing holidays. Often we talked with other european sailors. They asked us “Can you help us like you help your Dutch Customers?” We love to help you but our website is typical Dutch. After the last sailing trip with our team this summer, we decided to start to help every European sailor and future sailors! The website will be translated in the most spoken European languages and people in our team speak; Greek, German, Dutch, Italian, English, Croatian and French.

Not just Bavarias

Not only Bavaria If you’d like to find a particular yacht, not just Bavarias, you only have to choose your destination and the date of departure and arrival. If there is no search result, don’t worry our Euroboatcharter team will help you to find it. Every day from 10 ’till 10 you can reach us by phone, chat and 24 hours per day by e-mail. Our personal loved charter yachts are: Salona, Pogo, Beneteau and the new models of Elan. Bavaria is still one of the best family yachts, so don’t worry, we have more than 2000 yachts available.